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 » art cars: BMW pioneered the idea of an artist transforming a car in its own, individual way. Famous pop artists as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, classics as Alexander Calder and post modern, fashionable artists as David Hockney and Jeff Koons redesigned and transformed existing BMW cars. Today, these cars are the art museum objects, which ask to be driven.


s    1975      artist: Alexander Calder     car: BWM 3.0 CSL                              i  1



1976     artist: Frank Stella      car: BMW 3.0 CSL                             i 2



s  1977     artist: Roy Lichtenstein    car: BMW 320i                                               i  3



s adverts



s 1979  artist: Andy Warhol     car: BMW M1                                             i 4



s 1982    artist: Ernst Fuchs    car: BMW 635 CSi                                         i 5



s  1986    artist: Robert Rauschenberg    car: BMW 635 CSi                                i 6



s 1989  artist: Ken Done    car : BMW E30 M3                                                    i 7



s  1989     artist: Michael Jagamara Nelson   car: BMW E30 M3                             i  8



s 1990   artist: Matazo Kayama     car: BMW E34 535i                                          i 9



s 1990     artist: Cesar Manrique    car: BMW E32 730i                                         i 10



s 1991     artist: Esther Mahlangu   car: BMW E34 525i                                           i 11



s 1991    artist: A.R. Penck    car: BMW Z1                                                      i  12



1992     artist: Sandro Chia     car: BMW E46 3 series Racer                                 i 13



1995    artist: David Hockney       car: BMW 850 CSI                                          i  14



s     1999     artist: Jenny Holzer    car: BMW V12 LMR                                                   i  15



s 2005   artist: Olafur Eliasson        car:  BMW H2R - made from ice by Eliasson              i  16



s 2010   artist: Jeff Koons        car:  BMW M3 GT2             i  17







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